Inclusive Zone Basketball


AC Coaching & Sports Development Limited deliver Inclusive Zone basketball Sessions to school as part of the introduction to first 3 levels of school competition outside of full 5 v 5 wheelchair basketball.


What is IZB

Inclusive Zone Basketball (IZB) is a 4 a-side game, merging wheelchair and running basketball together. The zones used enable players to be matched in their abilities within these zones. The small-sided teams and adapted playing area enable girls and boys, both disabled* and non-disabled, to participate in a fun game of basketball.



(Photo from British Wheelchair Basketball IZB Finals)

How we deliver 

Sessions can be run weekly within dinnertime or after school sessions or within your PE lesson, session will look at both Wheelchair and the running game of basketball, improving skills and understanding of the sport, school can book termly session with a competition element leading to festival of IZB and Regional,National Competition or a pathway to local sports clubs

BBC Sport – Inclusive Zone Basketball 

If you would like more information on sessions please contact us